The brand “Frank’s Naturprodukte” (Frank’s natural products) unites a love of the region and its products with the desire to make them known in the whole world. The longstanding partnership with farmers and quality suppliers strengthens our position on the market, just as the values which we refer to.

Appreciation of products

We enjoy it every day to release Frank’s Naturprodukte into the world and to give the people an understanding of the region’s pleasure. This is because we are a hundred per cent convinced of the agricultural products constituting their basis. Frank’s Naturprodukte are the symbolisation of an immeasurable appreciation of our region’s fruits and they make them to an event experiencable with all senses.

Quality orientation without compromise

We do everything for quality. Besides the standard certification the International Food Standard (IFS), we have also introduced an own quality management. Thus, a top quality of goods is ensured – from seedtime to the product in the shelves of the stores.

Acting sustainably

Everybody bears responsibility. We as a company all the more. Responsibility towards our staff members, business partners and responsibility towards nature. Because it is nature that gives us an abundance of gifts. So it is only natural to manage the natural resources in a responsible  and sustainable way.