Made with love

Frank’s Naturprodukte are produced with the most modern technology and are subject to a continuous quality check. But that’s not all. Our experienced and careful staff members provide the special feature with their great commitment to the production of Austrian specialities. Because the most important thing is that it tastes nice. And that cannot be assessed by a machine.

That’s how pumpkin seed oil is produced

For one litre of original Styrian pumpkin seed oil, approximately 2.5 kg pumpkin seeds of the type Cucurbita pepo var. Styriaca are pressed. This skinless type of pumpkin seeds grows predominantly in Styria and parts of the neighbouring Austrian provinces. Under the watch of our experienced press masters, only high-quality pumpkin seeds are ground and kneaded with water and salt.


The roasting material is heated for 60 – 80 minutes, until the water vaporises. Finally, the roasted ground material is put into a stamping press. At a temperature of approx. 90 °C and a pressure of 300 bar, the original Styrian pumpkin seed oil is extracted in the initial pressing. By observing careful processing conditions, the pumpkin seed oil gets its typical velvet green colour, its inimitable flavour and its unique, subtle-nutty taste.