More than only first-class products

Frank’s Naturprodukte mainly offers regional specialities. The range of products comprises pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seed-walnut oil, pumpkin seeds natural and roasted, various vinegars and runner beans. However, there are all kinds of services besides that completing the broad range, making it possible to experience the mission of regional delicacies in an even more intense way or simply as part of fair customer service.

Direct shipment with parcel service

Enjoy the supply in a comfortable and simple way, into your home or the shop. We look forward to fulfilling your individual wishes.

Guided tours in the oil mill

Visit our oil mill in Übersbach and experience the production of the “Styrian green gold” at first hand. Our press masters are waiting for you!

Commercial shop

You can also find all products of Frank’s on-site at our oil mill. In the nature store you can taste to your heart’s content and you can take your favourites immediately with you.

Contract filling

With our modern filling plant, we are able to fill up to 3,000 bottles per hour. In order to optimise the shelf life of the oils, nitrogen is blown into the bottles/cans before filling them, causing oxygen to be expelled and reducing oxidation to a minimum.


We would also be pleased to fill your oils in various packagings. Just send us a request by email or give us a call.