The triumphal march of the pumpkin seed oil and other specialities from the range of products starts in Europe’s most modern oil mill, in which the traditional art of pressing and high tech are brought together. Here, the basis to success is formed by staff members with international know-how, because Frank’s Naturprodukte not only represents the fulfilment of quality standards, but also to exceed them by far.

Participate in a guided tour!

Visit the birthplace of Styrian pumpkin seed oil and experience everything about its production. We offer guided tours through the oil mill in Hartl. For groups, business clients or individually, by arrangement. In this respect, please contact us in advance on the telephone number +43 (0)3387 3257 or send us an email.

In our nature store you can taste to your heart’s content and you can take your favourites directly with you at favourable prices.