The runner bean is a centuries-old crop plant originally cultivated in Central America. Since the 19th century, the runner bean has been cultivated in Austria. It is mainly grown in the hilly landscape of South Eastern Styria.

The runner bean can either be cultivated as a complex hedge crop, similar to the cultivation of hop, or as a mixed crop with maize as a supporting plant. In the meantime, the cultivation as a mixed crop has become prevalent. It is difficult today to imagine a regional cuisine without the runner bean and it is one of the most popular Styrian specialities. Runner beans are preferably enjoyed as salads with Styrian pumpkin seed oil, in soups or as a side dish besides the main meals.

From a nutritional and physiological point of view, runner beans are very healthy due to the fact that they contain valuable dietary fibres, minerals and trace elements In addition to  high-value vegetable protein.

After the mechanical harvest, our runner beans are carefully sorted by hand and stored under optimal conditions. We offer dried runner beans which are soaked and cooked before consumption, and also canned runner beans ready-to-eat.